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Your way from the entertainment industry
Have been through a hard time
For the past ten years
You keep telling yourself
Do not give up

You always believe
Tomorrow will be better
You always prepare yourself
In the music that you love
Working hard

Just wanted to let others
Know your name

That someday
People will know you
And your music talent

Though you were a champion
When you were only seventeen years of age
As years go by
You did not get a chance
To fulfill your music dream

Because you
Never give up
of your determination
Of your enthusiasm

You have won a chance
That changed your fate
That you became a legend

People getting to know you
You are not

At this moment
Your prayers
Your desire
Is already achieved
Since this "nobody" has become "somebody"
why is the title still "nobody"?

And who's this person you are talking about here?
Just curious hehe圖檔

Thank you for sharing lah!
Hello 麵糰仔~~

Thanks for reading this article.
The person I was talking about was Fred Cheng whom was a Canadian Born Chinese . He had been through a hard time during his entertainment industry from nobody to somebody in Hong Kong. The reason that I liked him because of his positive attitude toward his life . Nobody is his first pop song title which was talking about his career during the past ten years. I also wrote the Chinese version named 無名氏 .