The gambler gambles for an idealistic future
The price is paid by the other family members
He has his own theories, speaking out loud
Against the voice of the others, whose anger inside

The gambler refuses to compromise
With his wife and duaghter's tears
And he blocks the news, let no relatives know
He confirms he is right, telling lies
Confirming he will win, and the family will rise

The gambler's wife keeps suffering
The gambler's daugther ceases tolerating
The gambler's son starts to fight
The gambler cannot take money from his family anymore
They reject support his radical thought, and realize
He's a man with selfish goals, but regards himself as majority
The gambler begs and begs, but gets nothing at all

The gambler carries enormous debt home
He hides himself in the closet
Lenders come, and yell to pull him out
At one night his family kicks him out
He weeps and walks, and his shadow fades out

The family retrieves its normal pace
They start running bussiness and their reputation rises
Their bank accounts are no more empty after 24 years
But the gambler father is always in their mind
Like a ghost misty and light, mumbling the past