A Single Red Rose


版主: 麵糰仔

A Single Red Rose

Sunny early in the morning
I opened the door of my house
Saw a single long-stemmed red rose
Wrapped with beautiful ribbon
Placing on the top of the mailbox

Without any card or signature
I was wondering to whom put it there
Will it be him
My secret admirer

The red roses
Symbolized many different meanings
Beauty, courage,passion,and respect
And the most important meaning
Was a symbol of deep romantic love and desire

Though I did not know who gave this to me
In the Feburary
Nothing seemed to be matter important
Except for the date of the fourteenth

Thank you for letting me to have a wonderful
Happy Valentine Day
My long-standing admirer

Though in my opinion,
the poem isn't quite poetic,
it's still pretty romantic.

Lots of grammatical errors here,
but I guess on Valentine's Day
we all speak the language of love.

Thank you for sharing! 圖檔

Thank you for your support and encouragement !

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