Dream #2


版主: 麵糰仔

The bald and old tree stood quietly on the side of the road,
Waiting for the final judgement.
A bald man in black suit stared at it, frowned,
Smoking, pondering. He threw out his cigarette, and said,
"This giant organ, not modern, extremly obscene,
Go castrated it. No, I said go cut it down!"
Two little fat men in green suits hurried to somewhere.
Back with chainsaws. In a few time the organ was gone.

Sima Qian saw it from Chinese heaven and cried .

"Good, you two professional eunuch producers"
The bald man laughed crazily.
The two little fat men laughed pretentiously loud.
"Now it's empty, we should add something modern here."
The bald man said, and took out a paper, more precisely a blueprint .
He showed it to the two little fat men.
The two little men knocked their head heavily like drunkards.

Three years passed.
A tall thin hairless buidling stood quietly on the side of the road.
A little boy saw it and shouted,
"Mom! Dad! look! It's like a shining giant PENIS!"
"And firm by the help of VIAGRA" His father said and laughed so loud.
The mother swiftly smashed up her lovely boy.
The little boy cried crazily.
"And what the hell did you say, dear Dad?"
She stared at her husband, who was by that time quite as a snail.
The thin hairless building was also quite, quite as Sima Qian.
He did not know if he should laugh or cry.
She stared at his husband

The thin hairless buidling
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