the end


版主: 麵糰仔

we used to love each other
but,we don't anyway
you blue eyes shines so bright
just like gems reflected on light
when it turns to a flood-sea of tears
washed away our red-painted heart
i knew it's gonna be over

we used to share each other
chasing happiness with bright stars
singing in the rain,roaring under the sun
rock n' roll never ever dies-thoroughly
it just a matter of time,time tells
summer ends,autumm falls
i knew it's already ended

no final cuts provided,
finale,and goodbye my beloved one.
Somehow this poem reminds me of the song "I guess that's why they call it the blues".

The theme is quite obvious as the title pretty much says it all. There are some interesting word choices, but be aware that emotional expressions can sometimes be cliches very easily.

Also, the tenses of the verbs are very confusing.

Thank you for sharing though!