My First work written in English, yeah~!

  A piece of heart-shaped paper--

  Breathing in leaded air,
  I drove for unleaded beers.
  LEAD led us to the room in red.
  I was not sad, and I was not skeerd.

  (No, Baby,you are fine.
  It's just my penis.)

  You've asked me: "What is that shade in your face"
  I answered it is peace.
  I hate to tell a prostitute
  That tough Bruce got a bruise.

  (Baby, it won't be long.)

  I am blind, I am
  smelling for a tiny piece of heart-shaped paper
  in the midst of an inauguration
  where the people start a war.

  The flight of a butterfly takes off for Virginia.
  (In the end she didn't recognize my accent
  and asked me where do I belong.)