pavlovs dog 1

wud yu rathr onlee b
ths happee thn fullee
trusting agen n gettin
whackd whappd wun
mor time as yu cirkul th
reel prize yr own focus
on yrself innr serenitee
yr love happee being
without goal attainment
alredee is not self having

bells ar ringing great smells
b careful sumthing mite
not work having can b valu
n thers no food nun not
dont care abt things yu have
no powr ovr agen n get reelee

miserabul sew thers a ringing
sum wundrful perfumeree from
th larkspur hydrangea roses n
plums pears n a kleer lake neer
by valu can protekt its virtual
realitee sumwun may honor
theyr agreement with yu if they
dont sum thing els may still
cum up gud

happeeness is sew tempting yu
dont want 2 fall apart if yu dont
get it meditating tails or heds
oftn its not binaree its in th 7th
or third opsyun th magik resides
wait 4 it hungree awkward re
wired agilitee taking yr time
fr sure but redee 2 leep

(From: "scars on th seehors". Burnaby, B.C.: Talonbooks, 1999.)