Gracias a la vita.


版主: 麵糰仔

Gracias a la vita.

Life is never sweet, but pains are dwes that mortal roses need.

Gracias a la vita.

Laughters, sorrows, and heartaches
of a journey unknown.
You give me something to remember,
and be remembered.

I look at my pictures of youth.
I laughed for how innocent I looked.
I look into the mirror that tells only,
the trueth.
I grined for the wrinkles on my face.

I thumbed through the notes of old;
young feelings of a kid flashed back.
I read my favorite book of yesteryears;
the passions for words never vanished.

The love for life is now,
an undisturbed lake,
though alive, never would,
a ripple be seen.

I thank thee,
whoever brought me forth to this world,
to know how it is to breathe,
to be out of breath.
To know how it is to fear,
and to teach the young not to.
To feel how it is to suffer,
and dedicate my own to lessen those of others.
Through all this,
I thank thee,
though I'm not quite sure who thou are.
Gracias a la vita!
cauchy3 寫:Song?
Thank you for asking. This is not a song, but a poem. I know there is a song also called gracias a la vita, which is famous. The four words are actully spanish that mean thanks to life. I wrote the poem when I was deeply depressed with my life, and wished to do something rash. I, than, pondered about the meaning of life, and wished to look at the bright sides of it. So I kind of took the song title and wrote the poem. That's it. I hope my poem does not bore you, though.


just my two cents

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