ice storm


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ice storm

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Ice Storm

A December ice storm

has strucked in this city

A silent darkness night

has made no electricity

The roof of the house

is full of ice

with a transparent wall

dangling from the top

Naked trees

hanging with a transparent thick ice wall


like the diamond in the sky

The empty street

seemed to be made out of glass

shining in the dark

breaking from the steps

All these nature scenes

made by God

the good or the bad

depend how one feels
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Re: ice storm

文章麵糰仔 發表於 週三 1月 08, 2014 11:29 am


"like the diamond in the sky" reminds me of Rihanna's song, however,
the poem itself is a bit plain and cliché.

Thank you for sharing though!
Some write to remember; some write to forget.
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來自: planet H
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Re: ice storm

文章藍鳥 發表於 週四 1月 09, 2014 8:17 pm


Hello 麵糰仔

Thanks for you criticism
Life is simple and plain
From what I had seen
I would like to express into words
I will continue to work hard

  Happy New Year To You !
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